When Our Elders Die: A Confucian Perspective on Grief & A Language Lost

When we lose our elders, our worlds are silenced. Tis’ the ineffable weight of loss and sadness and a language lost. This thoughtful & beautifully written article by Amy Olberding, Professor of Philosophy at University of Oklahoma, explores grief & loss through the eyes of Confucian philosophy.

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Dancing with Death: The Vital Relationship Between Mortality & Love

Losing loved ones can be one of the hardest challenges a person must face. How do we navigate our loss, pain & grief? And what does death have to do with love? In this article, Sharon Krishek — lecturer in philosophy at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem — talks about the vital relationship between mortality and love as seen through the eyes of existentialist philosopher Søren Kierkegaard.

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DOJO TWO (WEEK 6r): “The Good Life,” Plato’s Symposium (Part 1)

This portion of week 6 we will begin our exploration of “The Good Life” and dive into Plato’s Symposium (part 1). NOTE: This week is split between two dojos — Dojo One & Dojo Two. The ‘r’ represents the Thursday of week 6.

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Downtown Helena’s First Fridays — Friendship & Love

In July, we teamed up with Paula — local Helena business owner of Aizada Imports — and Martin — of Martin’s Wines — to explore the topic of friendship & love during Helena’s First Friday eve on the downtown walking mall! In addition, to providing some food for thought about…

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Eulogy Virtues: Cultivating an Inner Light

Merlin MCC | Cultivating an Inner Light

Living a virtuous life involves much more than what’s included on a resume.  It involves cultivation of a particular sort — a striving for and obtaining of what David Brooks — New York Times columnist and author — refers to as ‘eulogy virtues.’  In a heartfelt discussion about the sorts…

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Do Compassion & Happiness Matter?

Merlin MCC | Dalai Lama Smile | Why Compassion & Happiness Matter

Do compassion and happiness matter?  Without hesitation, yes!  But how so?   His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of  Tibet reviews this very topic and provides his unique & insightful perspective on the importance of happiness and compassion to the individual and society at large.  In the process, he discusses:…

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