Suffering & Scars: A Conversation on the Teach Different Podcast

In this podcast, Steve and Dan Fouts – brothers & co-founders of Teach Different — visit with Marisa Diaz-Waian of Merlin CCC to discuss the role of suffering in shaping our character, enriched by the Teach Different Method. Listen to the podcast here!

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Zen and Explaining Death to Children

Zen on Explaining Death to Children

Making sense of death is hard enough for adults, but what about children?  Author Maria Popova explores this topic by examining the life work of Zen teacher Seung Sahn Soen-sa (1927-2004) who, in his book Dropping Ashes on the Buddha, offers a wealth of insight aimed at helping young minds…

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Eulogy Virtues: Cultivating an Inner Light

Merlin MCC | Cultivating an Inner Light

Living a virtuous life involves much more than what’s included on a resume.  It involves cultivation of a particular sort — a striving for and obtaining of what David Brooks — New York Times columnist and author — refers to as ‘eulogy virtues.’  In a heartfelt discussion about the sorts…

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