Philosophy Walk: On Courage

Most of us are inclined to praise courage in a variety of contexts, from soldiers and first responders going boldly into danger of death; to the moral courage of speaking out, at great personal cost, in the face of social injustice; to confidently facing the dangers and uncertainties of daily life. But taken as whole, what is courage? In this walk, we’ll unite conceptual analysis — figuring out what courage is, and what its value is — with practical reflection on cultivating courage as part of a flourishing human life. Learn more & RSVP here!

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October 2021 Philosophy Walk: “Quirky Virtues”

In this philosophy walk led by philosopher David Nowakowski we explored virtues — quirky and otherwise, old & modern – from the perspective of Aristotle. At our first stop we discussed courage, at our second magnanimity, and our third authenticity. Access audio recordings and photos here!

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Science on Tap: Three Thought Experiments that Revolutionized Science

Most people can identify the ideas that have revolutionized science as we know it.  But what about the thought experiments behind those ideas?  The ideas behind the ideas that gave rise to our vision of the world today? This free interactive & theatrical presentation was held on January 31st at ExplorationWorks as part of their Science on Tap project and explored three thought experiments that revolutionized science. Guest speakers Marisa Diaz-Waian (who played the role of the student), Martin Richard (the mad scientist) & Michael Chapman (the philosopher) examined the role of imagination and wonder in scientific and philosophical thinking and invited audience members to share in the fun!  

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Empathy v. Sympathy

Merlin | Empathy v. Sympathy

On a recent ‘Little Philosopher’s Walk’, one of our fun ‘Merlin Meanderings’ that we held here at Merlin Nature Preserve, we discussed & explored the importance and value of imagination.  In the course of our conversation, the work of Dr. Brené Brown, Research Professor at the University of Houston Graduate…

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Zen and Explaining Death to Children

Zen on Explaining Death to Children

Making sense of death is hard enough for adults, but what about children?  Author Maria Popova explores this topic by examining the life work of Zen teacher Seung Sahn Soen-sa (1927-2004) who, in his book Dropping Ashes on the Buddha, offers a wealth of insight aimed at helping young minds…

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