The Value of Philosophy

Philosophy is an extremely valuable resource that can help you in an abundance of ways.  In addition, it is a genuinely fun, exciting, & rewarding activity in-and-of-itself!  But what if you don’t know anything about philosophy?  Or, maybe you do, but aren’t sure how it applies to your particular situation.  That’s where we come in.  Our mission is to help you find your way with philosophy.

What Philosophy Can Do For You

Philosophy is the art of critical thinking.  It is a method, thinking activity & way of life and a valuable compass & navigational tool.  It plays an integral role in every aspect of our personal and professional lives & can have a positive impact on how we see, approach & navigate the world.  Contrary to popular belief, philosophy is not pointless musings without practical effect.  The skills and dispositions it cultivates bear significance in a number of ways and can help you:

  • Sharpen your analytical skills
  • Help you problem-solve
  • Spark your imagination & wonder
  • Help you clarify thoughts & feelings
  • Address personal challenges
  • Create more effective action plans
  • Make better (more-informed) decisions
  • Change your behavior
  • Feel more fulfilled
  • Build character & strength
  • Encourage creative thought
  • Provide perspective
  • Develop discipline
  • Contribute to dialogue
  • And much, much more…

Why A Philosophical Approach is Beneficial

There are many ways to address your concerns and aims.  However, we feel that philosophy is a particularly advantageous approach.  Why?  Because it facilitates and equips you with a unique & valuable vantage point with that “thing” with which you are concerned, thinking about and/or experiencing (i.e., your object of concern).  A philosophical approach can help you narrow your focus on a particular issue & broaden your view.  It can also provide you with a set of tools to navigate those spaces in between.  This comprehensive & robust participatory relationship with the things that matter most to you can help you make better (more-informed) decisions, take action & help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

When you embrace and apply philosophy’s methods & attributes you can achieve a greater level of understanding (conceptual/objective & experiential/subjective) about what you’re grappling with & what to do.

Ultimately, taking a philosophical approach  is beneficial because it affords you an opportunity to persist & thrive (reach your fullest potential).


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