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Philosophy as a Way of Life

Philosophy as a way of life is a “model of philosophy that emphasizes its practical, life-changing aspects.”  The idea that philosophy has a practical side (be that therapeutic, behavioral, or other practical manifestations), is not new.  Ancient traditions conceived of philosophy in these terms, as well of course as a practice concerned with knowledge and understanding. For many (if not most) of these thinkers, the art of thinking and the art of living were two sides of the same coin, both of which were integral to the philosophical life.

In recent years, philosophy as a way of life has begun to re-emerge, thanks to the efforts of countless individuals — within and outside of formal academia — who have held tight to the belief that philosophy is and can be a guide to living well (in all that that entails). The following website and network — led by Meghan Sullivan, Steven Grimm, Stephen Angle, Caleb Cahoe and other key figures — reflect the work of many of these dedicated individuals and serves as an excellent resource for all things “philosophy as a way of life” related!  Viva la stoa!! #philife

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Public Philosophy

Montana has some wonderful scholars doing great work in public philosophy.   Please find below links to these scholars’ websites and works.

Christopher J. Preston

Christopher is at various times a professor of philosophy, a commercial fisherman, a gardener, an author, and a student of powerful emerging technologies.  His site is the work of an environmental philosopher who is mildly alarmed about the power and potential consequences of some of these world-shaping technologies.

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Other Public Philosophy Resources

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