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Think & Drinks — 7pm-9pm on the 2nd Thursday every month…
Think & Drink (Squared)’s — 7pm-9pm on the 4th Thursday every other month…

What can we say?  Wine, grog & spirits are right up our alley!  And talking philosophy over libations…even better! That’s why we love our community socials.  Our Philosophy Think & Drinks are casual and informal, community-oriented, intellectually stimulating, and fun.  You do not need a background in philosophy to enjoy & participate in these gatherings.  An open mind & desire to engage in thoughtful dialogue (whether from a listening or contribution standpoint) is all that’s needed! 

In light of the rise in concern about homelessness in Helena, we are dedicating our August and September Think & Drink sessions [as well as our September Think & Drink (squared) session] to discuss the moral dimensions of homelessness.

~ Our August discussion will be explored through the lens of phenomenology and the concept of “home.”~

**Our August 9th gathering will be held in our normal T & D location — i.e., the wine cave at The Sapphire (across from Taco Del Sol & the Bullwhacker stature in Last Chance Gulch).  If the group is larger than the space can accommodate, we will move across the pavilion into the lobby area of The Placer.**

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  • No June T & D
  • No July T & D
  • Aug. 9th 2018 – Special Topic:  Moral Dimensions of Homelessness (Part 1)
  • Sept. 13th 2018 – Special Topic:  Moral Dimensions of Homelessness (Part 2)
  • Oct. 11th 2018
  • Nov. 8th 2018
  • Dec. 13th 2018

                 (2nd Thursday Every Month)

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  • No July T & D (Squared)
  • Sept. 27th 2018 — Special Topic: Moral Dimensions of Homelessness (Part 3)
  • No Nov. T & D (Squared)

                  (4th Thursday Every Other Month)

Queries & Resources for Our July T & D (squared)

The topic in queue for our July Think & Drink (squared) and preparatory resources will be added here 1-2 weeks prior to our scheduled meeting.

Thanks to the generosity & super high-tech curating skills of Jemma Z. Hazen, you can also access all of the above resources by clicking on the Merlin CCC Flipboard page!

Where: The Sapphire (in the wine cave room) – (101 N. Last Chance Gulch, Helena MT 59601) OR (since our philosophy group is growing) a TBD location!
Cost:  Free (Buy your own vino, spirits, or grog)
RSVP: Contact Marisa at #406-439-5788 or [email protected]

For those who love philosophy but prefer not to partake in the libations side of things, don’t let that stop you from participating in the fun.  We emphasize the think over the drink!

Visit our Merlin Think & Drinks archive page to view pictures from some of our previous gatherings.

Merlin Philosophy Think & Drinks are like “Philosophy Dojos.” They’re about:

  • Sharing ideas & insights
  • Expanding & clarifying viewpoints
  • Engaging in critical & creative thinking
  • Strengthening & fostering community
  • Participating in meaningful dialogue
  • Having fun with philosophy
  • And more…


Our Merlin Think & Drink gatherings are monthly (dojo) sessions that consist of a “meeting of the minds” over snacks & libations.  After nabbing goodies and seats, getting acquainted (for those new to the dojo) & settling in…the eve begins.  First in order — the democratic selection of a question (about a specific topic).  No topics are off-limit; no questions are too broad, narrow, abstract, or concrete.  Questions are posed by participants in a “round-robin” fashion, clarified, and then voted upon collectively. Once our “avenue of philosophical pursuit” is in place, we are ready to dive into a fun night of (facilitated) philosophical discussion

No background in philosophy or preparation is required to participate in our Think & Drink gatherings. All that’s needed is an open mind and a desire to engage in thoughtful dialogue!

Our Merlin Think & Drink (squared)  gatherings are every other month break-out (dojo) sessions inspired by conversation generated from our monthly Philosophy Think & Drinks.  In these gatherings, we explore a specific question (or set of questions) spawned by our monthly think & drink conversations through selected texts and thinkers.  The question (or set of questions) to pursue are collectively decided upon at the close of our normal Think & Drink sessions (or as applicable) and posted to our website, along with selected texts for reading prior to our break-out gathering. 

As is the case with our normal Think & Drink, no background in philosophy is required to enjoy or participate in our Think & Drink (squared) gathering. You do, however, have to be non-adverse & able schedule-wise to dive into a few selected texts ahead of time for this dojo.

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