Helena Community Endeavors

Earth Day Expo 2016: (Photo Credit: Gary Marshall, BMG Photos/Helena Independent Record)

We believe that philosophy is grounded in the here & now and its questions (the things with which it is concerned) are extremely practical & relevant. With this in mind, we love to partner up with Helena area businesses and individuals to bring philosophy to the streets in creative & engaging ways! 

We have lots of things in the queue for 2018 and are always open to input & ideas from the community.

Vinyl “Thought-Luck” Night

Date TBD (6:30pm – 10pm)

Bring your favorite vinyl and a favorite dish and get ready for a night of music, sharing & fun.  A playful, music-driven potluck style community night with an emphasis on connecting with others and thoughtful exchange — ergo “a thought-luck.”

Philosophy, music, board games, card games, ping-pong, and more.  Wine & Beer. Kid-friendly.  FREE event.  Donations appreciated — Proceeds support philosophy in the community.

Visit our Merlin Community Endeavors archive page to view pictures and resources from some our previous gatherings.

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