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Image of Edible Fruit in Hand_ResourcesInformation is key!  Our resource center is home to a variety of quotes, news & research, images, videos, lectures, scholarly articles, and links.  All aim to provide you with ample food for thought & avenues of investigation. In line with our mission, the topics in our resource center are meant to help you find your way with philosophy.  Whatever challenges you face and whatever your goals, we hope you find our resources helpful.   To learn more, please click on the applicable link below:


Merlin Booknooks

Nothing beats kicking back up with a cup of hot coffee or tea and diving into a good philosophy book.  That’s why we’re partnering up with some of our favorite local coffee shops in town to bring you ‘Merlin Booknooks’ – shelves stocked with ‘take a book, leave a book’ philosophy reads.  Why ‘take a book, leave a book’?  Because sometimes ideas are just too good to put down.  Stay tuned!

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