Our Mission

We are a Helena-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization aimed at helping people find their way with philosophy A cornerstone of our practice is a solid belief in the value and relevance of philosophy & its ability to help people live healthier, happier & more deeply satisfying lives, to promote and encourage critical & creative thought, to cultivate leadership & action, and to foster, strengthen & enrich communities.  We also think it is a truly fun, exhilarating, and rewarding activity in itself & is not meant to be closed away in some book but, rather, to be lived.

Heart Tree | The Branches, Arteries & Blood Flow of Merlin MCC We strive to help businesses, children, adults & elders find their way with philosophy by providing services & programs that: (a) spark and encourage the exchange of ideas & the fun of doing philosophy, (b) cultivate leadership & action, and (c) promote critical, creative thought & the exploration of topics from a variety of perspectives, and (d) facilitate the application of philosophical thinking to matters of everyday living.

Enriching Lives Through Philosophy

Philosophy has an amazing ability to expand our hearts and mind and has a ripple effect beyond measure. Our unique programs and services are geared to honor the power of engaging in critical, creative thought, to encourage individuals to think deeply about their lives & experiences, and to inspire meaningful & heartfelt action.

Reconnecting With Nature

Most people are aware of the physical benefits of being in nature, but there are also mental benefits.  Peripatetic philosophers such as the Ancient Greeks, for example, felt that there was a deep & intuitive connection between walking (in nature) & critical thought, so much so that they literally walked the earth & philosophized (hence the “prone to roam” moniker ‘peripatetic’). Our philosophy walks are aimed at helping individuals kick off their shoes, exercise their body & mind, and reconnect with nature in important ways.

Strengthening, Fostering & Building Community

Philosophy is a social event!  While internal dialogue and introspection is integral to philosophy, so too is exchanging ideas with others.  Our philosophy-based community socials, forums, roundtables & workshops provide platforms for people from all backgrounds and ages to enjoy and explore the boundless wonder(s) of philosophy!

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