Our Mission

Who We Are

Heart Tree | The Branches, Arteries & Blood Flow of Merlin MCC

We are a Helena-based non-profit organization aimed at enriching lives and strengthening the community and environment through philosophy.

What We Believe

We believe very deeply in the value and relevance of philosophy and its ability to improve our everyday lives.  We also believe that it is (and should be) a resource for everyone — regardless of background or age — and that it is not meant to be closed away in some book, but to be lived

Embracing philosophy as “a way of life” has a ripple effect that extends far beyond our selves.  It is an educational and therapeutic “hands-in-dirt” sort of activity that can inspire us to take action and make the world a better place, as well as facilitate an environment that encourages others to do the same. 

In this way, we feel that philosophy is also a deeply transformative activity whose power is expressed by way of its ability to expand our hearts and minds (individually and collectively), equip us with better decision-making skills, and affect more informed, engaged, and thoughtful action.  

Our Mission

Our organization’s mission (and what it is that we do) is to create, develop, and provide a broad-spectrum of unique, fun & accessible opportunities for the Helena community to do, breathe & live philosophy. Our activities and services are designed for people of all backgrounds and ages (from children to elders), including businesses, and are geared:

  • to spark and encourage the exchange of ideas & the fun of doing philosophy
  • to promote critical, creative thought & reflection
  • to reconnect people with nature
  • to facilitate the application of philosophy to matters of everyday living and our experiences in the world
  • to cultivate leadership & action, and
  • to build, foster & strengthen the community and environment

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