Why We Do It

Venture to Ojai Trail | California PictureSome people ask why we do it. Simply put: We do it because we love it.  We love giving back to society and feel that philosophy is a great way to do that.  Why?  Because we believe in the value and relevance of philosophy & its ability to improve our everyday lives.  We also believe that it is (and should be) a resource for everyone — regardless of background or age — and that it is not meant to be closed away in some book, but to be livedIn order to “give wings” to these ideas, we formed Merlin CCC.  Read more about what we do and our mission.


We believe philosophy plays an integral role in every aspect of our lives and can have a positive impact on how we see and participate in the world.


Lee. B. Waian | Merlin MCCOn a personal level, the impetus behind Merlin CCC is a direct reflection of the relationship had between the founder, Marisa Diaz-Waian, and her father, Lee. B. Waian – a college professor, ecologist & biologist.  As primary caregiver (and buddy) to her father (who struggled with Parkinson’s), Marisa developed an intimate knowledge and respect for the challenges (and joys) of life, death, & dying.  Philosophy played an integral role in this process.  Shaped largely by this experience & a genuine desire to give back to the world in ways that matter, Merlin CCC took flight. 

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