What We Do

Aspen | Montana PictureWe aim to help people find their way with philosophyWhatever that way is will vary based on an individual’s specific needs & goals.  To this end, we offer three branches of public service: philosophical counseling, philosophical consulting & philosophy-based community events & socials.  Our areas of philosophical focus include: leadership & action, quality of life, happiness & meaning, loss, change & grief, death & dying, elder interests, and the environment (nature).

Our philosophy-based services & activities are designed for businesses, children, adults & elders and are uniquely geared to spark & encourage the exchange of ideas, to cultivate leadership & action, to promote critical, creative thought & the exploration of topics from a variety of perspectives, to have fun with philosophy, and to help individuals apply philosophical thinking to matters of everyday living.  Read more about who we are and why we do what we do.

Philosophical Counseling

Our philosophical counseling services include challenges you might be facing related to: quality of life & happiness, loss, change & grief, and death & dying.  Our philosophical practitioners aim to help you think through your concerns philosophically & cultivate important skills and dispositions so that you might better “navigate the tides” (of life) and live healthier, happier & more meaningful (deeply satisfying) lives.  To learn more visit our philosophical counseling, our unique strategy, and our philosophical counseling approach page(s).

Philosophical Consulting

Our philosophical consulting (ethical consulting) services include life enrichment & wellness programs for residents, caregivers & staff at assisted living facilities, retirement communities, and hospitals, business services & programs for organizations interested in incorporating philosophy in the workplace and  academic editorial, academic lecture coordination, and academic research & writing in the fields of philosophy & psychology.  Our areas of specialty include: leadership & action, quality of life, happiness & meaning, loss, change & grief, death & dying, elder interests, and our relationship with nature. Regardless of the platform, our goal is to help you succeed in your endeavors & prosper.  To learn more visit our philosophical consulting, our unique strategy, and our philosophical consulting approach page(s).

Philosophy-Based Community Events & Socials

In addition to philosophical counseling and consulting services, we offer & host a variety of philosophy-based community events & socials, including: free guided philosophy walks on Merlin Nature Preserve (and other local areas), community roundtables/forums and philosophy workshops & retreats, a vareity of community socials such as Philosophy Think & Drinks and Philosophy Drive-In’s, and Helena-area philosophy-based community endeavors. We also host two FUNdraising shin-digs per year and offer a free on-line resource center with access to relevant articles, videos, educational seminars, lectures, and tools all aimed at helping individuals in a variety of philosophy-related ways.



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