What We Offer

Philosophy in the Community

We offer a cornucopia of “philosophy in the community” events & activities, including: free guided philosophy walks, philosophy symposiums & roundtables, philosophy community socials & related endeavors (including our ongoing Montana Conversations program), philosophy workshops & outings, philosophy drive-in’s & read-in’s, philosophy think & drinks, and more. These sorts of services reflect the bulk of what we do. 

Philosophical Consulting

We also offer philosophical (ethical) consulting services, including life enrichment & wellness programs, unique business services that bring philosophy into the workplace, and academic editorial, research & writing services.  While we are interested in a variety of topics, our areas of specialty include: quality of life, leadership & action, happiness & meaning, loss, change & grief, death & dying, elder interests, and our relationship with nature.

Learn more about philosophical consulting, our unique strategy, and our philosophical consulting approach.

On-Line Resource Center

Finally, we have a free on-line resource center (as well as a social media page) with access to a growing number of articles, videos, multi-media resources, educational lectures, and tools all aimed at helping people in a variety of philosophy-related ways.

* Philosophical Counseling *

We also offer philosophical counseling services and, at present, are able to take on a limited number of clients. 

In the instance that we are not able to be of service at the time you need, we would be happy to connect you with some of our philosophical practitioner colleagues who reside out of state but offer distance counseling.  

Learn more about philosophical counseling.

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