Philosophical Consulting

Philosophical consulting comes in many shapes & sizes.  In many cases, philosophical consultants are brought on board for insight & perspective about ethical matters related to such things as end-of-life issues, environmental concerns, legal conundrums, or civic-based quandries.  In such scenarios, a philosophical consultant might be asked: “how do we provide care to individuals in a way that honors dignity and autonomy?,” “should we be concerned with gmo’s and why?,” “what sorts of rights should to be extended to individuals who have broken the law and been convicted  & why?,” and “what might a viable public transport system look like in terms of meeting the needs of a community?”  Philosophical consultation in this capacity is typically referred to as ‘ethical consultation’ and generally involves an individual or group hiring a consultant to provide expert insight/guidance about some sort of ethics-related matter at hand.

Another important type of philosophical consultation to consider is consultation that occurs within a therapeutic setting.  In this context, philosophical consultants serve as philosophical practitioners in the field of philosophical counseling and help clients deal with a myriad of challenges related to problems of living (e.g., values disagreements, career issues, retirement, time-management).  Visit our philosophical counseling page and the National Philosophical Counseling Association  for greater detail.

Our Unique Services

With respect to philosophical consulting (ethical consulting) that falls outside of a therapeutic setting, we offer a unique form of consultation,  i.e., consulting as specific activities having to do with ethical matters.  Specifically, we offer academic editorial and academic research & writing services in the areas of philosophy & psychology, with an emphasis on topics related to death & dying, quality of life, happiness & meaning, loss, change & grief, elder interests, and nature. 

We also offer life enrichment & wellness programs and  business services & programs to organizations interested in incorporating philosophy (in general) into their day-to-day operations through programs that help to cultivate & foster critical, creative thought, imagination, humor, compassion, leadership, kindness, an improved sense of well-being, and community.

Why Seek Philosophical Consult?

Philosophical consultants offer a unique & valuable perspective and can be of service in a variety of ways.  As individuals who are trained to think critically and creatively & who (ideally) possess a variety of character-related attributes integral to philosophical activity, they are particularly well-suited for tasks/projects/ventures that involve scholarly rigor, clarity, concision, (logical) analysis, creative brainstorming, and more.  They are also ideal for activities that require objectivity, project-oriented “stick-to-itiveness,” and intellectual & emotional tenacity (e.g., things which are complex and multi-layered).  In terms of our unique consulting services:

We help you achieve your goals by applying the rigors & attributes of philosophical thinking, the strategy of effective project management, and the complex subtleties of liaison work to your unique endeavor. 

If you need help with your professional venture and (are):

  • A business or organization looking to incorporate philosophy into to your day-to-day operations and foster a culture of creativity, leadership, integrity, innovation, and critical thought, we can help you develop, implement & executive innovative programs to meet these ends.
  • A community organization or group looking to offer your members or individuals served by your organization opportunities to engage in life enrichment and wellness activities, we can design and facilitate hand-crafted programs combining your mission and philosophy.
  • An assisted living facility, retirement community, or hospital looking to offer residents, caregivers and staff opportunities that can help enrich their lives, contribute to their sense of well-being and more, we can design and facilitate flexible, uniquely-tailored philosophy & mindfulness programs with far-reaching benefits.
  • An individual (teacher, researcher, author, professional, other), small business, or academic institution in need of editorial support for your philosophical or psychology-based endeavors, we can assist you with research and analysis, technical and high-level writing (including academic journals), proofreading, and editing.

Learn more about our unique philosophical consulting approach and what you can expect from us.  Or read more about what philosophy is (in general) and how it can help you here!






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