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Philosophy is valuable in a number of ways.  It is also something that can (and dare we say, ‘should’) be brought into the workplace.  Why?  The success & health of organizations thrive off of dynamic, well-grounded thinkers and doers.

Philosophy can be an excellent way to encourage & foster these sorts of qualities, while also providing fun, engaging platforms that impact an organization and its members (and the community) in positive and meaningful ways.  From leader & team effectiveness, maximized organization potential, and improved strategy to quality of work, enhanced workplace dynamics, and an enriched community presence built on integrity-aligned action, bringing philosophy into the workplace can yield some amazing results!

Dynamic and easy to implement daily-practice programs that help to spark creativity, cultivate and foster leadership and integrity, and encourage self-reflection and critical thinking benefit employers and employees in unique ways and extend into the community at large.

What We Offer

Our business services are geared to help your organization bring philosophy into the workplace in unique ways.  We specialize in designing & implementing dynamic, fun, engaging and easy to implement daily-practice programs that help to foster a culture of creativity, leadership, integrity, innovation, and critical thought in the office and at home. 

Service Details

Even if a business has the desire to incorporate innovative programs into their operations, time is often a competing factor.  After all, tasks must be tended to and there are only so many hours in day.  Company retreats and workshops are great ways to spark and cultivate leadership, creativity and teamwork & can be a valuable part of on organization’s operations.  They can also be a nice break from the norm.

But what about day-to-day activities?  Things that don’t require an entire office to shutdown for the day (for example) and can be easily incorporated into an organization’s daily practice.  We specialize in business services that focus on these sorts of programs.  We can assist you with:

  • Program Design – Design fun, dynamic & engaging daily practice programs that help to foster a culture of creativity, leadership, integrity, innovation, and critical thought.
  • Implementation & Execution –  Assist with program and activity implementation and execution from start to finish.
  • Assessment & Strategy – Participate in program and activity assessment & strategy (with organization leaders and members).
  • Development & Growth – Contribute to the development & growth of daily-practice programs and facilitate partnership opportunities with community members and organizations.
  • Philosophy Resources – Provide employers and employees with philosophy resources based on program and activity results.

What to Expect

Organizations looking to bring philosophy into the workplace, can expect from our business services, several things.  Among these:

  • Tailored Program Designs
  • A Dedicated, Hands-On Approach
  • Innovative, Fun & Effective Activities
  • Flexible Program Options
  • Adaptive Program Management
  • And more…

Learn more about our philosophical consulting approach and general strategy.




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