Life Enrichment & Wellness Programs

Philosophy is extremely valuable in all walks of life and its relevance and application extends to numerous areas, including  community organizations and groups whose mission involves (at some level and in a variety of ways) life enrichment and wellness.  This idea of ‘enrichment’ and ‘wellness’ is not confined to health & caregiving-based organizations but can apply to organizations of all kinds.  


What We Offer

Our unique Life Enrichment & Wellness Programs are designed (as the name suggests) to contribute to the enrichment and wellness of individuals and communities.

Programs for Community Organizations and Groups

We offer Life Enrichment & Wellness Programs for community organizations and groups interested in offering their members (or individuals served by their organization) opportunities to actively engage in critical, creative thinking, reflection & contemplation, kindness & compassion, discussion, team-building, organizational review and more that combine your mission and philosophy.

Programs for Community Health & Caregiving-Based Organizations (and Individual Practitioners, Caregivers and Care Recipients)

We offer Life Enrichment & Wellness Programs for health and caregiving-based organizations (or individual practitioner, caregivers, and care recipients) that combine aspects of philosophy, mindfulness meditation, and more with the aim of inspiring critical, creative thought, imagination, humor, compassion, kindness, an improved sense of well-being, and community. 

We were thrilled to collaborate with Touchmark on Saddle Drive and Mindful Montana to offer seniors our Life Enrichment & Wellness Program.  The free program was offered each Wednesday (starting March 29th) for 8 weeks.  and was open to residents, staff and the members of the Helena community.  See more here.

Service Details

Even if an organization (or individual) has the desire to incorporate innovative programs into their operations and day-to-day life, time, resources and budget is often a competing factor.  There are only so many hours in a day, only so many people, and only so many dollars to allocate.  Our programs place life enrichment & wellness at the forefront and can be designed to fit the needs and parameters of any organization, group or individual interested in providing enrichment & wellness-oriented programs. We can assist you with:

  • Program Design – Design dynamic & engaging daily, weekly & monthly practice programs that help to foster a sense of community and offer residents, staff & caregivers the space to connect, relate, learn from one another, grow, be rejuvenated & come down from the stresses of daily living.
  • Implementation & Execution –  Assist with program and activity implementation and execution from start to finish.
  • Development & Growth – Contribute to the development & growth of practice programs and facilitate partnership opportunities with community members and organizations.

What to Expect

Organizations, groups and individuals looking to bring philosophy into their place of work & living, can expect from our Life Enrichment & Wellness Program services, several things.  Among these:

  • Tailored Program Designs
  • A Dedicated, Hands-On Approach
  • Innovative, Fun & Effective Activities
  • Flexible Program Options
  • Adaptive Program Management
  • Value-Added Program Components
  • And more…

Learn more about our philosophical consulting approach and general strategy

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