Academic Research & Writing

The process of academic research & writing includes several high-level activities: concept development, strategy, identification & procurement of relevant resources & data, critical reading, critical & creative writing, interpretation of research sources and data,  rhetorical writing, and more.

The services of an academic research & writing assistant can be of benefit to anyone.  In addition to providing much needed “manpower” (academic research & writing is hard work!), academic research & writing assistants can offer valuable perspectives, contribute to strategy and line of thought, and increase your opportunity for success. 

Your work is only as good as your ideas, the quality of your research, and your ability to reason and write effectively.  A good research & writing assistant can make all the difference.

What We Offer

We specialize in academic research & writing in the fields of philosophy and psychology.  Our areas of emphasis include topics related to death & dying, quality of life, happiness & meaning, loss, change & grief, elder interests, and nature.  We offer academic research & writing assistance with services that range from research question development & literature review to strategy & framework, development writing, and more.

Service Details

Academic research & writing has the general purpose of generating and communicating new knowledge and new ideas, encouraging critical thought and discussion by its intended audience, and contributing to the dialogue within a field of study in a significant way.  Thorough documentation/citation, careful acknowledgment of research resources, clear & effective writing, and well-reasoned argumentation are critical components of scholarly work.  Successful academic research & writing typically require a high-level of expertise and skill.  We can assist you with:

  • Research Question Development – Topic identification & exploration, Assessment of scope & contribution to the field
  • Prospectus Writing – Guidance & direction for concept development and general hypothesis/argument
  • Research (“From Scratch” or “Baton Pass”) – Identification and procurement of relevant resources & data, whether starting “from scratch” or proceeding from resources provided by the author (what we refer to as “taking the baton and running with it”)
  • Strategy & Framework – Research & writing strategy development, data & strategy content organization (into a coherent & manageable framework)
  • Literature Review – Critical reading, critical & creative interpretation of research resources, data & trends in the field
  • Development Writing – Fleshing out undeveloped concepts, discussions or important points based on research & literature review

What to Expect

Authors can expect thorough & detailed documentation of all work completed.  We will communicate with your co-authors or co-researchers (as requested or applicable) along the way & provide you with regular progress updates based on your schedule & specified needs.  Learn more about our philosophical consulting approach and general strategy.

How to Prepare

Your time and budget are important.  With this in mind, we generally recommend the following:

  1. Identify your basic research or writing needs first (before hiring an assistant) so that you can discuss what it is that you want & expect from them (e.g., literature review, development or prospectus writing, strategy & framework)
  2.  If your project is anticipated to be book-length and/or consist of multiple chapters, consider having your research writing assistant complete a portion of one chapter first & then send it to you so that you can review the work.  This way, if there is anything you want handled differently (e.g., style, resource/reference frequency), you can discuss these with your assistant before too much time has been invested.
  3. Calculate the average cost of your project based on the type of service(s) you want performed & our research and writing rates so that you know ahead of time what you can anticipate.

Review our academic research & writing rates (including an overview of how to estimate your specific project cost).  If you have a project that is estimated to exceed fifteen hours & feel you might qualify for financial hardship, please inquire about our sliding scale rates and request an eligibility intake form. 


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