Suffering & Scars: A Conversation on the Teach Different Podcast

The Quote

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”

Kahlil Gibran

Teach Different Podcast

Out of suffering…

Merlin MCC | Oar in Water & Philosophy

In this discussion on the Teach Different podcast with co-founders & brothers, Steve & Dan Fouts, we explore a rich and layered quote offered up by  Khalil Gibran.


The Podcast Episode

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What is the most beautiful way to reshape yourself through suffering? When we endure suffering, our character changes. Sometimes we grow weaker, less confident, and more resigned that life has it out for us. At other times, our character is strengthened. Suffering makes us resilient. It expands our capacity to persevere. We become empathetic, vulnerable. It crowds out our fears and opens our heart and mind. The unique way each of us navigates suffering determines the limits and possibilities of our personal fulfillment. Join Steve and Dan Fouts – founders of Teach Different and twin brothers with over 50 years of teaching experience – along with Marisa Diaz-Waian — Founder and Director of Merlin CCC – a public philosophy non-profit in Helena, MT, to discuss the role of suffering in shaping our character, enriched by the Teach Different Method. 

The Teach Different Method

The Conversational Flow

The Teach Different approach involves a methodology for exploring ideas that yields rich results.



Example: “Suffering shapes us in ways that build character.”



Example: “Suffering does not always make people stronger. Some never emerge.  And many of those who do inflict suffering on others.” 


Essential Question

Example: “Why or how do some people sublimate their suffering into beautiful things in life? What’s the role of community and others in this process..of helping transform anguish and pain and suffering into something beautiful?”

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