May 2019 Philosophy Mini-Drive-In (Happiness & Meaning)

In this TED Talk & Philosophy-inspired movie night facilitated by Thomas Baumeister, we explored questions about happiness & meaning through the practice of Socratic inquiry.  Primed by a TED talk film by scholar Emily Esfahani Smith, we looked at the nature of happiness, meaning, and more. Access resources here!

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Philosophy Mini-Drive-In

Inspired by our regular drive-in nights, our mini-drive-in’s are shorter versions of our full-length drive-in nights and feature one to two TED Talks film(s) followed by a lively philosophical discussion. Please join us on Thursday, May 30th in Reeder’s Alley from 6:30pm-8pm!

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February 2018 Philosophy Drive-In

Our February Philosophy Drive-In was wonderful!  Our  group of philosophy & movie-lovers stayed warm in our “night under the stars without the cars” bungalow, enjoyed tasty treats, good conversation, and the 2001 drama Thirteen Conversations About One Thing.  An existentially moving (and very Kierkegaardian in nature) film, this film looks…

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DOJO TWO (WEEK 6r): “The Good Life,” Plato’s Symposium (Part 1)

This portion of week 6 we will begin our exploration of “The Good Life” and dive into Plato’s Symposium (part 1). NOTE: This week is split between two dojos — Dojo One & Dojo Two. The ‘r’ represents the Thursday of week 6.

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Do Compassion & Happiness Matter?

Merlin MCC | Dalai Lama Smile | Why Compassion & Happiness Matter

Do compassion and happiness matter?  Without hesitation, yes!  But how so?   His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of  Tibet reviews this very topic and provides his unique & insightful perspective on the importance of happiness and compassion to the individual and society at large.  In the process, he discusses:…

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Does Kindness Matter?

Merlin MCC | Does Kindness Matter?

Does kindness matter?  Can it really that make much of a difference in your life?  What about the lives of others?  What does it even mean to be kind?  His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, for example, speaks of kindness & compassion in conjunction with happiness; he also…

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