DOJO TWO (WEEK 6r): “The Good Life,” Plato’s Symposium (Part 1)

THURSDAY 2/23 – This portion of week 6 we will begin our exploration of “The Good Life” and then dive into Plato’s Symposium (Part 1).  NOTE:  This week is split between two dojos — Dojo One & Dojo Two.  The ‘r’ represents the Thursday of week 6.

Dojo Two_Week 6rRelevant materials and assignments are provided below, including links and/or information for assignments that involve supplemental resources outside of your primary course texts.

Thursday 2/23: Perspectives on “The Good Life,” Plato’s Symposium (Part 1)

In Class

  • Group Exercise – Modified T & D/Reflection
  • Plato’s Symposium

    • Dialogue overview & background
    • 46:14 minute Video – See Below

Assignments for Tuesday 2/28

  • RECOMMENDED BUT OPTIONAL: Read second ½ of Plato’s Symposium – From Plato: Complete Works, ed. John M. Cooper (1997), (pp. 485 – 505) – Available on reserve at library (in hard copy).  A URL for an electronic, 3-user version of this text will be added to the website soon. 

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