Our Philosophical Consulting Approach

Merlin MCC | Our Philosophical Consulting Approach | Photo Credit: Marisa Diaz-Waian

Philosophical consulting is a practice that is deeply rooted in philosophy.  What this means in terms of approach is that our way of addressing your needs & goals — from strategy to application — is uniquely informed by the theories, methods & attributes of philosophy.  It also means that the projects with which we engage fall in one way or another within the philosophical domain.

Philosophical consulting is commonly performed in the capacity of ‘ethical consultation’ (i.e., an individual or group hires a philosophical consultant to provide expert insight/guidance about some sort of ethics-related matter at hand).  Our philosophical consulting (ethical consulting) services are also concerned with ethical matters & strive to provide insight and guidance; however, the way in which we do this is a bit atypical.  We offer philosophical consulting in the form of specific activities, namely: life enrichment & wellness programsbusiness services & programs, and academic editorial, academic lecture coordination, and academic research & writing services within the fields of philosophy and psychology.  Our areas of emphasis include topics related to leadership & action, death & dying, quality of life & happiness, loss, change & grief, elder interests, and nature.

Our philosophical consulting approach embraces philosophy as a method, thinking activity & a way of life.  For us, this translates into the way in which we do business & the sorts of services we offer.

To learn more about philosophy (in general), visit our what is philosophy page.  You can also read more about what philosophical consulting is and how philosophy can help you here!

Our Methodology

Our philosophical consulting approach is a unique & dynamic blend of philosophy (applied, theoretical, analytic & continental), project management & liaison work.  As such, our methodology consists of several activities that stretch across each of these domains.


We approach & execute every project from the platform of philosophy.  This means that your project will:

  1. Be handled in a way that honors critical, creative thinking (or reasoning)
  2. Employ several methods commonly associated with philosophy
  3. Be approached with favorable dispositions, such as humility, sincerity & open-mindedness
  4. Involve the scholastic rigors of philosophical activity (e.g., clarification, analysis)
  5. And more…

Project Management

We employ effective project management techniques, such as:

  1. Establishing a viable plan of attack with project scope & variables in mind
  2. Identifying critical and non-critical paths & working scenarios ahead of time
  3. Utilizing a unified platform for compiled data
  4. Encouraging collaborative input & forms of cross-reference
  5. Managing the project, not the plan (i.e., remaining focused but flexible)

Liaison Work

We believe that communication & relationships matter.  This means that your project will:

  1. Be approached with care & given the time and attention it deserves
  2. Involve clear & detailed communication by your consultant throughout
  3. Remain open & adaptable to the communication styles & needs of others
  4. Be considerate of the work & personal obligations of all parties involved
  5. Go above & beyond to accommodate whilst remaining mindful of goals

Learn more about our philosophical consulting services here!



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