Our Unique Strategy

There a variety of reasons that counsel may be sought.  What makes our service(s) & strategy unique is philosophy.  It informs our approach and methods & is woven into every phase of your customized plan.  What your plan looks like will depend on your specific needs & aims.  It will, however, always be led by philosophy.

Why philosophy?  Philosophy is a thinking activity, a way of life, & an extremely valuable tool.  We believe that its methods & attributes can help people think through their problems, overcome challenges, accomplish their personal & professional goals, and live healthier, happier & more meaningful (deeply satisfying) lives.  Read more about what philosophy is, how it can help and our philosophical counseling & philosophical consulting services.

Our unique strategy is designed to meet your unique goals.  What it is that you want to accomplish, need & is most important to you will dictate the direction of our services.

Strategy Snapshot

Individuals from all walks of life pursue therapeutic counsel…and they do so for any number of reasons.   No matter what, counseling takes hard work, patience & dedication.  In some cases you might already have identified goals or issues you wish to work on prior to entering therapy. In other instances, your needs may be less vocalized and/or unknown (e.g., I know I’m feeling something but I’m not sure what that something is…all I know…is that I don’t want to feel this way anymore). Together, we will help you identify (as needed) the goals of your counseling session(s) and determine how those goals can best be met.  Setting reasonable goals at the outset and along the way & maintaining realistic expectations of the counseling experience are critical to the success of your therapeutic journey. 

For greater detail about our process & strategy, see our philosophical counseling methodology & approach.

What to Expect

Below is a brief list of what you can expect from your philosophical counseling session(s) with us:

  1. Expect that you will be provided with a safe, nurturing, open and neutral arena to explore and express your thoughts/feelings/behaviors.
  2. Expect a variance in your thoughts/feelings/behaviors (i.e., highs-and-lows or ups-and-downs).
  3. Expect that you will be provided with a set(s) of tools to help you better navigate the challenges you wish to address and the respective goals you want to achieve.
  4. And more…

In addition to the above general expectations, you can also anticipate several other things. Generally speaking, your first counseling session will include a discussion that addresses, at minimum, the following topics:

  • Why you are seeking assistance
  • Your personal history and current situation
  • Your current symptoms (how what you are seeking assistance for/experiencing is presenting itself – e.g., are you having problems sleeping? Are you feeling short-tempered?)
  • What you would like to achieve (your immediate and ultimate goals relative to the discussion at hand)

Our Areas of Specialty

Sessions that follow will typically be crafted together by you and your philosophical practitioner and will be structured to meet your specific (and changing) needs.  We offer philosophical counseling services for challenges related to quality of life, happiness & meaning, struggles with loss, change & grief, and issues concerning death & dying. To learn more, visit our philosophical counseling page.

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