Merlin Think & Drinks (February – August 2016)

Merlin CCC: Karl Marx Meets Groucho MarxPhilosophy is a social event! That’s why we love our community socials. Merlin Think & Drinks are one of the many community social activities that we host.  Each month (or so) we hunker down at one of our favorite local watering holes and talk philosophy whilst sipping tasty libations.

To check out pictures & view topics discussed from our February – August 2016 philosophy think & drink gatherings, click on the links below.

  • February 2016 – Libations & festivities were enjoyed in the window booth at The Windbag (pre-renovation). Our group enjoyed a lively & exhilarating conversation about technology, artificial intelligence and being human. While dialogue was at a high, picture taking was at a low (maybe it was a subtle group attempt to squash the tech-intrusion for a while?).
  • March 2016 – Sommeliers wine bar served as our stomping ground this month. While we were a small group, the conversation was grand and explored things like the Myth of Sisyphus, Plato, the experience of hindsight & value, the relevance of philosophy, and more. Once again, no pics were taken. We promise we’ll get better. Sometimes its hard to pull yourself away from the moment!
  • April 2016 – Our mental gymnastics for this month took place at the fabulous Triple Divide Spirits. Our group engaged in lively conversation about a host of things, but really took an upward (and voluminous) flight when a conversation about science, the environment and culture was on the table. While we intended to take pictures…once again, we did not. We did, however, take mental pictures! Does this count?
  • The Brew-Wine-Chu_Blue SmallMay 2016 – Our May Think & Drink was pushed to June due to our Spring Annual Brew-Wine-Chu Fundraiser. Thinking & drinking did, however, occur in Performance Square, along with live music, a silent auction, sidewalk chess, ping-pong and a host of fun other activities. Check out photos from the event!
  • Merlin Think & Drink Cards_2016June 2016 – Rathskellar was the place of choice this month! A perfect setting for lively conversation, our fantastic group hunkered down in a cozy nook and got down to business! Starting with a deck of cards (you heard it right!) & the question “Do we think in pictures or language?” our group explored this topic and more, including: end of life ethics, ways of experiencing and coming to know the world, and Kantian & Buddhist ethics.


  • July 2016 – We were out of town for a spell in July so ended up taking a break from our normal think & drink gathering this month.  Cheers & good thoughts were delivered from afar, however!

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