September 2016 Philosophy Think & Drink

Our September Think & Drink was great fun!  Our group of thinkers & drinkers hunkered down at The Sapphire in the wine vault room (if you haven’t checked the wine room out, you should – it’s quite charming and cozy!).  With our favorite beverages and tasty snacks in hand, we settled in for a fun eve of philosophical dialogue. 

Starting with a deck of cards and several interesting questions…we embarked on a journey that started out with a conversation about free-will and determinism and ended up touching upon several topics, including:

  • Is the distinction between free-will & determinism a false dichotomy?
  • Can a deterministic world-view allow room for responsibility & accountability of actions?
  • How do eastern & western world-views differ on these topics?
  • And more….(e.g., exploration into the topic of artificial intelligence and knowledge)

Thank you to Michael Chapman for the lovely garden-grown tomatoes and apples & to Megan Moore for the leaf greens.  What a wonderful addition to our snack tray!  Thank you also to The Sapphire crew for your wonderful hospitality!  We are looking forward to our next Philosophy Think & Drink in our wine cave (think Plato)!

Check out pictures from our gathering below!

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