December 2015 Little Philosopher’s Walk (Imagination)

Merlin CCC | December 2015 Inaugural Little Philosopher's Walk

We had so much fun on our inaugural little philosopher’s walk. Our December 2015 meandering was geared toward kids (hence “Little Philosopher’s”).

Our main aims were to have fun with philosophy, to introduce and talk about some important philosophical and character-related topics, and to explore and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors together. Mission accomplished!

We had an amazing group of kids (and adults) on our walk and enjoyed a fun-filled day on Merlin Nature Preserve exploring our surroundings & walking and talking philosophy!

In addition to reveling in the warm winds and sunshine (thank you Mother Nature!), we had a blast exploring the terrain and talking about imagination and more! Here is a quick overview of things we discussed:

  • What do you think imagination is?
  • Can you use your imagination in different settings and in different ways?
  • Do you think imagination is important and, if so, why?
  • Do only some activities require imagination or do all (or most)?
  • How is imagination related to empathy & compassion?

We also discussed the amazing life of Walkin’ Jim (a.k.a. Jim Stoltz) and how he used his imagination, creativity and wonderfully empathic abilities to make a huge difference in the world. From environmental awareness & sensitivity to conservation and responsible stewardship, Walkin’ Jim is an icon and very missed indeed!

Check out more pictures from our inaugural little philosopher’s meandering below!

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