January 2016 Philosophy Walk (Happiness & Meaning)

January 2016 Merlin Meandering ParticipantsWe had a great time on our January philosophy walk. Our awesome group enjoyed a snowy stroll on Mount Helena and splendid conversation about philosophy, happiness & meaning — a topic that has been a focal point of philosophers (and numerous other thinkers) for centuries.

Everyone had wonderful insight to share and brought a lot to the conversation.

To accompany us in our dialogue, Mother Nature offered up some beautiful views & sunshine, along with gusts of wind & a wee bit of ice (yaktrax and trekking poles to the rescue!)

In addition to the terrain, we explored the following topics on our meandering:

  • What is happiness?
  • Are a meaningful life & a happy life the same thing?
  • What sorts of things contribute to happiness & meaning?
  • Is there a biological basis for the value or benefit of happiness or meaning?
  • Can philosophy help in this endeavor? And, if so, how?

January 2016 Merlin Meandering Participants

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