Philosophy for Children & Philosophical Sensitivity

Jana Mohr Lone, Ph.D. (Photo Credit: Joshua Huston)

In this episode of No Narrow Thing, Jana Mohr Lone, director and founder of University of Washington’s Center for Philosophy for Children, Affiliate Associate Professor, and founding president of the Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization (PLATO) discusses philosophy for children & philosophical sensitivity.  In the process, the following questions are explored:

  • What does philosophical education for children look like? 
  • What would a world be like where everyone was a little more philosophical?
  • How do you navigate difficult topics like violence and religion with children?
  • And more…


For more on philosophy for children & philosophical sensitivity, see Jana’s articles titled “The Cultivation of Philosophical Sensitivity” (featured on our website in our scholarly articles section by permission of the author) and “The Philosopher as Teacher: Philosophical Sensitivity” (Metaphilosophy 44:1-2 (2013): 171-186), as well as her book The Philosophical Child.

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