Merlin Receives $2,500 Grant from PLATO for their “Cultivating Community: Near & Far” Program

We have so much love for The Philosophy Learning & Teaching Organization (PLATO) and their continued support of our organization and public philosophy programs!!  

About our Cultivating Community Program

Motivated by the challenges we have faced as a people across the globe in 2020 and the importance of thinking and coming together as a community, our Cultivating Community: Near & Far project taps into our deeply human need to connect. 

Our project focuses on three activities, all of which share a common bond of honoring the spaces we inhabit, and creating avenues by which to connect and relate with others in the spaces they inhabit.  The ‘near’ and ‘far’ of our project theme reflect three different and important dynamics relevant to connecting/relating and coming together:  distance, scope, and time.  

The first of the activities in our project – our philosophy workshops – will be offered throughout the year.  We’ll conduct these in person and online (via ZOOM), as applicable.

The second two activities – Thinking in the Wild (a nature-based philosophy summer camp for youth) and Grounded (a live theater and community discussion series) – will be offered as stand-alone activities in August of 2021 and February-March of 2022, respectively.  


The Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization advocates and supports introducing philosophy to children and youth through programs, resource-sharing, and the development of a national network in pre-college philosophy.  

Recognizing the importance of greater access to philosophy for all adults, youth, and children, as well as the scarcity of funds available for philosophy programs, PLATO (Philosophy Learning & Teaching Organization) created the PLATO Philosophy Fund (PPF), which provides funding for a wide range of innovative philosophy programs with the aim of broadening philosophy’s reach. The expectation is that many of these programs will take place in public and other non-traditional settings.

We are thrilled to have been awarded funding for our 2021 “Cultivating Community: Near & Far” program.  Thank you so much, PLATO!

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