September 2019 Philosophy Think & Drink (Helena)

Our September Think & Drink took place in a different watering hole than the norm.  Organized and hosted by Barry & Louise Ferst, this month we opted for an outdoor space and met in their garden on Holter Street.  

Inspired by the surroundings of our environs we first looked at Epicureanism and what, according to it, the good life might consist of.  It was not long after that that our conversation expanded outward and touched down on several other areas of exploration.  

The Questions We Toyed With…

  • What is epicureanism and what does it have to say about the good life?
  • How does “content-ness” fit into the picture?  Is “content-ness” the same as “idle-ness”?
  • Can we have a meaningful life without some conception of spirituality?  Is meaning tied to something “other than the material”?
  • Is our notion of “the material” too limited?  
  • Do non-human species exhibit levels of “sophisticated knowing and communing” in the same ways that human beings do? 
  • And more…


Thank you to the Philosophy Learning & Teaching Organization (PLATO) and Montana Internet for supporting philosophy in the community and helping us bring activities like these to the Helena community!  Thank you also to Barry & Louise Ferst for hosting our Think & Drink in your garden this month and for providing us with such tasty snacks! 

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