PLATO Roundtable: Cultivating an Ease with Changing Course

Drop-in Roundtable Conversation Opener

About PLATO’s Roundtables

PLATO’s online roundtable events are designed for educators interested in engaging with fellow educators about pedagogy.  The roundtables are offered bi-weekly and span a variety of topics in philosophy and philosophy for children.  Facilitator(s) give a brief introduction to a topic, and then participants are invited to engage in a discussion.  Roundtables are free drop-in events. You do not need to register or be a PLATO member to attend.

We so enjoyed being invited to open up for PLATO’s Roundtable discussion this past November on cultivating an ease with changing course. Learn more about PLATOs offerings below and check out the recording here!

Stories Shared

The lupine & the wormy
Nature wanderings


Coherence & our relationship with the unknown
“To veer or not to veer” & the path itself

Questions Posed

— Is coherence a goal that we ought to be striving for (in education, teaching, philosophy)?
— What, if anything, does our relationship with the unknown have to do with our ease or dis-ease with changing course?
— What are some other reasons we might find “an ease with changing course” challenging and how might we address this? What can we do?
— What do we mean by the “course”? Not all classes or courses have the same objectives. So, what exactly are we doing in a particular course of study?  And how does our staying on course (or changing course) relate to these objectives?
— How do we arrive upon insights?  Is wandering or changing course necessary for certain kinds of insights about the world to come about?  If so, how should we think about this relative to the classroom?
— If cultivating an ease with changing course is worth pursuing: Is it something that we should be doing at all times?  Or are there scenarios where “staying the course” is more desirable? 

About The Philosophy Learning & Teaching Organization

PLATO’s mission is to empower preK-12 students through philosophy.  Their innovative educational programs serve thousands of students, teachers, and parents nationally and internationally, with an emphasis on reaching students in underserved classrooms and communities.  They offer online training courses, workshops, webinars and more.  You can visit their programs for educators page here!

PLATO’s programs foster critical thinking, tolerance and understanding of diverse viewpoints, self-confidence, reasoning skills, and much more.  Since 2016 PLATO has funded a wide range of innovative philosophy programs around the US, including summer camps and institutes, community activities, ethics workshops, curriculum development, outreach programs, philosophy clubs, and many more. Many of the programs funded by PLATO take place in public and other non-traditional settings, and all seek to broaden philosophy’s reach around the United States.

In 2022, PLATO merged with The University of Washington’s Department of Philosophy’s Center for Philosophy for Children.  Their new website replete with lesson plans, online publications, and more is a great resource for all things philosophy!  Learn more about PLATO here!

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