A Crash Course on ‘What Is Philosophy?’

At our Beat the Heat Philosophy Party in August, one of our presentations explored what philosophy is, what it isn’t, and why we should care.  This fun video from the Crash Course series provides some additional insight about the matter, including a brief history of philosophy (primarily from a western perspective), the traditional branches of philosophy & some of the major questions that it explores.

While a good introduction on the subject matter, we do feel, however, that it excludes some critical aspects of what philosophy (as a thinking activity & way of life) entails — namely, the important role of heart & character.  It also seems to underplay the importance of answers in philosophy and offers a somewhat narrow view of philosophical reasoning (i.e., seems to conflate philosophical reasoning with logic).  Nevertheless, it is definitely worth the watch!

NOTE:  You can also watch our videos on philosophy (by Marisa Diaz-Waian) and Buddhism (by Justin Whitaker) from our Beat the Heat Philosophy Party here!

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