What Our 2018-2019 PLATO Grant Helped Fund in the Helena Community


Grant awards are integral to the success and longevity of  non-profits. We are deeply humbled by the support shown to us in 2018 by PLATO!  Because of their generous $7,000 award, we were able to offer the Helena (and surrounding) communities a host of interactive and unique philosophy programs throughout the year aimed at promoting critical, creative thought, promoting leadership & action, reconnecting with nature, and strengthening, fostering & building community.  

We were also able to develop several new philosophy in the community activities and programs for 2019 and beyond including our philosophy workshops, philosophy mini-drive-in’s, our “Big Ideas by Little Philosopher’s” program, a community scholar and student scholar fellowship program, and our “Campfire Philosophy Outings” (to launch in 2020).



Our Goal (21 Unique Programs)


Our Accomplishment (25 Unique Programs)

PLATO (Philosophy Learning & Teaching Organization) is a wonderful organization that provides funding for a wide range of innovative philosophy programs with the aim of broadening philosophy’s reach. We were lucky enough to be selected as one of those organizations in both 2017 & 2018! Thank you so much to PLATO for believing in our organization and mission. Your $7,000 grant helped us support philosophy for people of all ages and backgrounds!

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