Merlin Receives $1,475 Grant from PLATO for their 2023 Loss & Legacy Series

Thank you so much to The Philosophy Learning & Teaching Organization for their support of our 2023 philosophy symposia series — Loss & Legacy: Living Forward While Looking Back.  Marisa Diaz-Waian, Director of Merlin CCC

About Our 2023 Loss & Legacy Series

In this dynamic philosophy series we’ll look at what it means to be at the interface of loss and legacy.  We’ll ask two central questions. In the Spring, we’ll ask: “How do we think about grief?” And… the Fall: “How do we think about our ancestors?”

While each question could stand on its own, by considering them together, in the ways that we actually encounter them – not as separate events, but rather, as intimately connected and mutually informative experiences – our project recognizes the challenges (and skills) involved in navigating this unique space between the ways that we think about (and “handle”) loss and the ways that we think about (and “address”) legacy.

In addition, while there are many ways to approach these questions, we’ll conduct our examination through the lens of philosophy, offering a particular set of tools by which to consider loss and legacy – not as the set of tools but rather as a set that can take us to some different places than other tools might.

I love all of the activities we offer in the community.  But this particular philosophy symposia series on loss & legacy holds a very special place in my heart.  Merlin was founded, in large part, in response to the loss of my father. Exploring these deeply human experiences together, through the lens of philosophy, is a gift.  – Marisa Diaz-Waian, Director of Merlin CCC

The series will consist of two main events (one in Spring and one in Fall) and two supplementary events, each of which will bring to the fore a note that is present but less dominant in the main gatherings.  The main events will be panel-style symposia featuring guest speakers and a facilitator.  The supplemental events will involve a film and community conversation.

All events in the series are free and open to the community.  Learn more here about our Loss & Legacy series here!

About The Philosophy Learning & Teaching Organization

PLATO’s mission is to empower preK-12 students through philosophy.  Their innovative educational programs serve thousands of students, teachers, and parents nationally and internationally, with an emphasis on reaching students in underserved classrooms and communities.

PLATO’s programs foster critical thinking, tolerance and understanding of diverse viewpoints, self-confidence, reasoning skills, and much more.  Since 2016 PLATO has funded a wide range of innovative philosophy programs around the US, including summer camps and institutes, community activities, ethics workshops, curriculum development, outreach programs, philosophy clubs, and many more. Many of the programs funded by PLATO take place in public and other non-traditional settings, and all seek to broaden philosophy’s reach around the United States.

In 2022, PLATO merged with The University of Washington’s Department of Philosophy’s Center for Philosophy for Children.  Their new website replete with lesson plans, online publications, and more is a great resource for all things philosophy!  Learn more about PLATO here!

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