January 2019 Philosophy Mini-Drive-In (Consciousness)

In this TED Talk & Philosophy inspired movie night facilitated by Thomas Baumeister, we explored questions about consciousness through the practice of socratic inquiry. Primed by scholarly TED Talk discussion by David Chalmers and Seth Anil, we looked at the science and philosophy of consciousness e.g., what is it, how does it work, where does it live, what does it do for us, and why does it matter that we have it?

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The Generative Power of Being Wrong

Being wrong is not often glorified.  But there is great value in being wrong.  According to Daniel Dennett — American philosopher & cognitive scientist known for his research on philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, and philosophy of biology — “the history of philosophy is in large measure the history…

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Cognitive Science & Teaching Critical Thinking

Merlin MCC | Critical Thinking Image | Scholarly Articles

Teaching Critical Thinking: Some Lessons from Cognitive Science Tim van Gelder, College Teaching 53:1 (2005): 41-46. ABSTRACT:  This article draws six key lessons from cognitive science for teachers of critical thinking.  The lessons are: acquiring expertise in critical thinking is hard; practice in critical thinking skills themselves enhances skills; the…

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