Loss, Change & Grief

Belgrade to Helena

Loss & change are an inevitable part of life. So, too is grief (at least for most of us & at some point in our lives). How you deal with these facts of life is of critical import to your well-being (and that of others). How do you, for example, handle losses in your life? With grace & resilience? Or not at all? What about change?

Philosophers have much to offer on these topics.  The Stoics & Buddhists, for example, offer powerful insights about the nature of loss, change & grief and how to navigate such challenges, embrace adversity & alleviate angst.

From insight to application, philosophy can be a valuable resource for addressing & managing a variety of loss, change & grief-related issues.

How Philosophical Practitioners Can Help

Loss, change & grief are among life’s most challenging experiences. You don’t have to go through them alone (if you don’t want to).  Perhaps you are:

  • Struggling with an expected or unexpected change in your personal or work life?
  • Looking for clarity & direction about a loss-related event?
  • Having trouble dealing with the loss or death of a loved one?
  • Seeking clarity, insight & meaning?
  • Afraid to deviate from a comfortable or familiar path?
  • Feeling melancholy, sad or overwhelmed with grief?
  • Wanting to make a change but don’t know how?
  • And more…

Philosophical practitioners can help you address these sorts of challenges (and more).  Whether its struggles with change & loss or traversing the shifting sands of grief, they can help you “clear the way” by exploring, examining, assessing & applying the skills, methods and dispositions of philosophy to  your unique situation so that you can better understand how & why you feel a particular way, develop healthier ways of thinking (new patterns of reasoning and responding), & more effectively navigate the challenges of loss, change & grief.

Read more about what philosophy is and how it can help you here!

Please note that we do not offer philosophical counseling services but would be happy to connect you with some philosophical practitioner colleagues of ours who could be of service to you.

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