Death, Dying & End-of-Life Issues

Aspen | Montana PictureGrappling with death, dying & end-of-life can be difficult.  Be it our own mortality or that of others, the challenges involved with managing, facing or coming to terms with “moving on” can be daunting.  What does death mean?  How do I handle terminal news or my loved one passing away?  What does autonomy or quality of life have to do with any of it?

For centuries, eastern & western philosophers have explored the challenges associated with death, dying & end-of-life and offer valuable insight.  Socrates, for example, felt philosophy to be “knowing how to live well, so that one can die well.”  As such, living the “good life” is intimately connected with how we navigate our final days (and those leading up to it).

Whether its our own mortality we are contemplating or that of another, death, dying & end-of-life issues are sensitive, intimately complex & challenging.  Philosophical practitioners can help you find your way!

How Philosophical Practitioners Can Help

Navigating the wake(s) of death, dying & end-of-life can be difficult.  Perhaps you are:

  • Struggling with an ethical dilemma?
  • Feeling scared, overwhelmed or angry?
  • Searching for meaning, answers & insight?
  • Struggling with news about a terminal condition?
  • Having trouble dealing with questions raised by end-of-life planning?
  • Seeking solutions on how to “be there” for a dying loved one?
  • And more…

Philosophical practitioners can help you traverse & manage the challenging terrain of these sorts of questions (and more). Whether it’s your own mortality, death (in general), or that of a loved one passed, we can help you “clear the way” to a healthier, happier, and more meaningful (deeply satisfying) state of being by exploring, examining, assessing & applying the skills, methods and dispositions of philosophy to  your unique situation so that you can better understand how & why you feel a particular way, develop healthier ways of thinking (new patterns of reasoning and responding) & more effectively navigate the challenges of death, dying & end-of-life. 

Read more about what philosophy is and how it can help you here!

Please note that we do not offer philosophical counseling services but would be happy to connect you with some philosophical practitioner colleagues of ours who could be of service to you.

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