2022 Food for Thought Fundraiser Raises $4,142 for Philosophy in the Community


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Arts, Science & Imagination

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This Year’s Theme

Hosted by Rebecca Ryland & Mark Runkle, our 2022 Food for Thought Fundraiser at Elkhorn View Lodge was a blast!  Our theme…the super-sexy topic of “Arts, Science & Imagination.” 

  • What’s it like to see the world as an artist or scientist? 
  • Where can the imagination take us?  

After happy hour w/ mingling and live music by Ken Holmes & Friends,  an inspiring opening performance by Tim Holmes, Brian Massman, and Ken Nelson, and dinner beside the Elkhorns, table talk leaders from a variety of disciplines within the arts and sciences facilitated intimate conversations about imagination and invited guests into their creative processes.

Check out videos, photos, FUNDS RAISED & more below….

Opening Performance

Hosts & Sponsors 

Our 2022 Food for Thought Fundraiser was hosted by Rebecca Ryland & Mark Runkle on their beautiful grounds in Clancy, MT.  We are so grateful to them for their hard work and generosity and for opening up their home at Elk Horn View Lodge to us all.

We are also extremely grateful to sponsors Ray Kuntz & Susie Alt Kuntz for sponsoring this event for the second year in a row….and for inspiring us to create our Food for Thought fundraiser event series in the first place.  Your generosity and kind spirits are so appreciated.

Thank you so much, too, to our dessert sponsor Donna Davis for helping to bring in the creative edible eats for all from the fabulous Shea Conley.

Event Photos

Guest Scholars

Thank you to all of our table talk leaders.  Quite simply…..you were amazing!  

Christopher Preston, Erin Vang, Mary Riitano, Tim Holmes, Dayna Baumeister, Paul Phillips, Aaron Parrett, and Patricia Heiser



Thank you to all of our volunteers.  In a word…..ROCK STARS!!!

Ashley Dugdale, Mitch Conway, Mike McGuire, Julianna Breit, Erna Jensen, Randy Pebbles, JohnaBo, Shelby Bean, Caitlin Dreesen, David Nowakowski, Tim Holmes, Donna Davis, Mimi Wolok, Susie Alt Kuntz, Marie Z. Bourgeois, Mike Chapman, and Martin Richard.

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