Coming Together as a Community through Philosophy

Hi Friends.  We miss you!  And we hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy!

The past month has presented countless challenges for our communities, near & far…and in deeply impactful ways.

While philosophy is a worthy and relevant endeavor in general…it is times like these reveal our need for it, like waves crashing to the shore.

Philosophy is not just about critical, creative thinking.  It is also about community – about a shared space for reflection, contemplation, inspiration, perspective, and growth. Philosophy can, we believe, bring us together…even when apart.

As such, we have been hard at work to adapt our programming in ways that will continue to allow opportunities for us to come together, to learn from and with one another, and to be there for (and with) each other in times of need…as a community.

Here is what we’ve come with so far for April and May.

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