2020 Greater Helena Gives (or Pledges) Day

Our Quandary

So……we’ve been torn about participating in Greater Helena Gives this year.  Not because of GHG or Helena Area Community Foundation — they are amazing!  And not because of donors — you are amazing! 

But, rather, because things are challenging for everyone right now — locally and across the globe.  We are all hurting — each and every one of us.  In light of this, asking for contributions has left us in a bit of a moral quandary.

So….we contacted Helena Area Community Foundation to express our concerns and ask about what sort of options there were…like the possibility of “pledging” as opposed to donating (for those who wanted to make a monetary contribution, but were not currently in a position to do so).  And much to our delight….they said yes!  Pledging is an option.  Our hearts feel much better about this.  

So…here’s the scoop.


For those who still have the steady income to do so in these trying times, we could really use your financial support right now. Greater Helena Gives takes place on April 30th – May 1st from 6pm – 6pm MDT.  You can make a contribution to Merlin CCC on that day here. 

You can also make a contribution via check to Merlin CCC (Mailing address — PO Box 2034, Helena MT 59624) or on our website.


For those facing more challenging financial circumstances who would like to contribute, but are not able to do so right now as you had hoped, there are a couple of options.

  • You can pledge to give on the Greater Helena Gives website in a creative sort of way.  Namely, you can select/enter a donation amount (whatever you’re able to do on April 30th-May 1st), and then choose the frequency of your donation (e.g., every two weeks, once a month, etc.) and a period of time (for 6 months) or until a specific amount has been reached.  This way, you can set the parameters for your donation on a scale that meets your current situation and aims.

Alternatively, you can pledge to give on the Merlin CCC website in a similar fashion by becoming a sustaining donor.  

What Your Donations/Pledges Help Support

Your tax-deductible contributions/pledges help to support our philosophy in the community programs.  Our programs are free to the public and support critical, creative thinking, the exchange of ideas, and the application of philosophy to everyday life.  More broadly, they are opportunities for people of all backgrounds and ages (from children to elders) to gather, to learn from and with one another, and to uniquely cultivate their personal and civic selves.

Due to the impacts of COVID on our organization and so many other Helena non-profits, your contributions/pledges are also a crucial lifeline.  Many of our more traditional means of securing income — like fundraiser events and grants  — have been impacted in ways that makes “riding out the tide” and planning for future operations more tenuous.  Your contributions will help to off-set this.

By investing in philosophy, you are investing in community.

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