Merlin Awarded Public Philosophy Network Sponsorship for Project on Homelessness

Thank you so much to the Public Philosophy Network for their support of our 2024-2025 special project on homelessness. We received news of the award just before the holidays & are humbled and grateful to PPN for selecting our project to receive their first (bi-annual) public philosophy network events sponsorship.

About the Project

Our “Toward a Better Understanding of Homelessness” public philosophy project is a response to ongoing (and growing) housing shortages at home & abroad, and a more general and important call to adequately understand the multi-faceted nature & complexity of homelessness.  At its core, the project is an invitation to carefully reflect on these complexities and an opportunity for improved ways of thinking and responding together.

While inquiries into homelessness are not new, making philosophy central (both in terms of approach and questions asked/explored) can be a helpful lens and bring to the fore important considerations for both those experiencing homelessness and those responding to it.  

About The Public Philosophy Network

The Public Philosophy Network (PPN) was founded in 2010 by a group of public philosophers convened by Ellen Feder and Sharon Meagher. The organization is governed by an Executive Board of 4 elected officers, 8 elected Board Members, and the editor of The Public Philosophy Journal, who serves ex officio. PPN promotes philosophy that engages issues of public concern and works collaboratively with civic and professional communities. Their mission includes:

  • Supporting philosophers who use their concepts and skills to serve communities outside of academia and to make positive changes in society

  • Reflecting on how philosophy is transformed by various types of public engagement

  • Supporting institutional changes supportive of publicly engaged work

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