Philosophy Community Socials

Merlin CCC: Karl Marx Meets Groucho MarxPhilosophy is a social event!  While internal dialogue and introspection is integral to philosophy, so too is exchanging ideas with others.  That’s why we are very excited about our philosophy-based community socials.

From talking philosophy over libations (our monthly think & drinks) to taking in a flick at our philosophy “drive-in’s”, to showcasing your creative thinking talents & teamwork skills at our Merlin Pub Quiz nights (coming soon), our community socials are casual in form and meant to provide individuals with a platform for enjoying and exploring the boundless wonder(s) of philosophy! 

Our philosophy community socials are great ways to have fun, engage in lively philosophical conversation & spark creativity. 

Philosophy Think & Drinks

What can we say?  Wine, grog & spirits are right up our alley!  And talking philosophy over libations…even better! In light of this, we hunker down at one of our favorite watering holes every month and do just that!  Join us for our upcoming philosophy think & drinks!

The Thinker_Photo Credit: Ashley Gardini

September Gathering

When: Thursday, September 29th (6:00pm – 8:00pm)
Where: 314 N. Last Chance Gulch, Helena MT 59601 (The Lion’s Lair)
Cost:  Free (Buy your own vino, spirits, or grog)

Our typical stomping grounds include: The Hawthorn, Blackfoot Brewing Company, Windbag Saloon & Grill, Lewis & Clark Brewing Company, Brewhouse Brew Pub & Grill, Fusion Grill, Ten Mile Creek Brewery, Sommeliers, The Lion’s Lair, Rathskeller’s & The Placer.  And when we’re feeling particularly spirited…Triple Divide Spirits.  For those who love philosophy but prefer not to partake in the libations side of things, don’t let that stop you from participating in the fun.  We emphasize the think over the drink! 

For more information, please contact Marisa Diaz-Waian at [email protected] or #406-439-5788.

Philosophy “Drive-In’s”

We love drive-in theaters and movies that make you think!  So…we decided to create our own version of the drive-in.  Every other month (or so), in The Reeder’s Alley Interpretive & Convention Center we feature a philosophical film aimed at getting your synapses firing and an eve under the stars (without the cars)Bring your own snacks & non-alcoholic beverages. Adults…beer & wine can be purchased on-site.

Our July Little Philosopher’s Drive-In was awesome!  We had a great group of kids, ranging from 6 years-10 years in age.  Thank you to all our little philosopher’s for the wonderful dialogue you generated and your wonderful insights!  View pictures and read a synopsis of the film, an overview of some of the philosophical things we explored, and more here!


Starry Image_Featured

October Gathering

When:  Saturday, October 8th (7:00pm – 10:00pm) – Doors open at 6:45pm/Show starts at 7:00pm
Frequency:  Every Other Month as venue space is available
Where:  101 Reeder’s Alley, Helena MT 59601
Venue Capacity:  15-20 people
Cost: $5 Suggested Donation
On-Line Registration:  Available mid-September
Featured Film:  Agora (followed by a lively philosophical discussion)
Other Information: 2 Hrs. & 10 Min. running time, R-Rated

Synopsis: This 2009 historical drama film set in 4th-century Roman Egypt centers around the famous female astronomer, philosophy and mathematics professor Hypatia of Alexandria (played by Rachel Weisz) who investigates the flaws of the geocentric Ptolemaic system and the heliocentric model that challenges it. Directed by Alejandro Amenábar, the story uses a mix of history and fiction to highlight the relationship between religion and science amidst the decline of Greco-Roman polytheism and the Christianization of the Roman Empire.  Winner of the Goya Award for Best Original Screenplay, the title of the film takes its name from the agora, a gathering place in ancient Greece, similar to the Roman forum.

Additional Philosophy Drive-in Dates for 2016:

  • November TBD – Little Philosopher’s Drive-In
  • Saturday, Dec. 10th (7:00pm-9:30pm) – Featuring the film The Sea Inside

Other films on the radar:

For more information, please contact Marisa Diaz-Waian at [email protected] or #406-439-5788.

Want more?  Cool!  Learn more about some of our other fun philosophy-based community events, including our:

  • Philosophy Walks
  • Merlin Pub Quiz (Coming Soon)
  • Community Roundtables/Forums (Coming Soon)
  • Philosophy Workshops & Retreats (Coming Soon)

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