Philosophy Walk

Please join us on Sunday, June 10th from 9:30am – 11:30am for a jaunt down memory lane!  Meeting Location: The gazebo in Reeder's Alley across from the Merlin office located at 119 Reeder's Alley.  Special guest speaker, historian, artist & self-proclaimed urban-design geek, Dennis McCahon, will discuss the history of…


Science on Tap: “Three Thought Experiments that Revolutionized Science”

Exploration Works 995 Carousel Way, Helena, MT, United States

Most people can identify the ideas that have revolutionized science as we know it. But what about the thought experiments behind those ideas? The ideas behind the ideas that gave rise to our vision of the world today? This FREE interactive presentation will be held at Exploration Works as part of their Science on Tap project and will explore three thought experiments that revolutionized science. FUN FOR ALL AGES!

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