Tricia L. Clemons

Tricia L. Clemons | Administrative Director

Tricia L. Clemons is the Administrative Director  for Merlin CCC. Born in Long Beach, CA and a resident of Southern California for most of her childhood and early adulthood, she eventually found herself drawn northward to the beautiful states of Alaska and Montana.

The sole proprietor of a successful small business (a massage therapy practice named TLC Bodyworks) since 1996 and armed with 25+ years of high-level administrative experience, Tricia is adept in a variety of areas, including: office and records management, accounting, and project planning and coordination.  She is also extremely proficient in numerous computer programs and platforms, and has superior communication, managerial, and interpersonal skills.

As a massage therapist, I have had many wonderful opportunities to make a positive difference in people’s lives, both physical and emotional. Utilizing the many years experience of administrative work I had prior to becoming a massage therapist, as well as running my own massage therapy practice since 1996, I hope to play an important role in the successful operation of Merlin CCC, and thus continue my quest to help people. Having lost my father, my mother, and my late ex-husband (and dearest friend) in recent years, and feeling the devastation that this new awareness can bring, I feel particularly compelled to turn my attention to helping the dying and their families in dealing with this most poignant of life experiences. In this way, there will be a lovely symbiosis between my own goals and skill sets and the overarching aim of Merlin CCC to “help individuals find their way with philosophy.”

Married to Thomas Clemons — Chief of Police in Seward, AK — and an active member of the Seward and Helena communities, Tricia is an avid lover of reading, learning, nature, wildlife, gardening, and botanical photography.  Her vast experience, passion for life, and sincere desire to give back to the world are among the many attributes that make her a valuable and indispensable member of the Merlin CCC team.

You can reach Tricia at [email protected] or #907-362-2355 (Cell).

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