How Did We Get Here?: Labor & Work

We often take “labor” and “work” as synonyms, describing an often-difficult process that’s required to “get by” in life, or even to “make our living.” Yet there’s also a strong contrast between the demanding-yet-fulfilling “work” and drudgery, as well as other complicated dances between labor and leisure, work and recreation, action and contemplation, “liberal” and “servile” pursuits. These complications have been viewed very differently across the centuries. In this installment of “How Did We Get Here?” we’ll explore this and then some! Learn more & RSVP here.

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July 2020 Philosophy Walk: Into the Wild with Muir & Pinchot

What a gorgeous day for our July philosophy walk with author and journalist John Clayton.  And what a great group of people. Through a combination of storytelling, biography, and philosophy, our walk took us into the wild (up Davis Gulch) with John Muir & Gifford Pinchot. Access audio recordings & photos from the walk here!

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June 2020 Philosophy Walk: Leisure & Loafing

How nice it was to be outside in the elements after being cooped up for several months (for obvious pandemic-related reasons)! With the sunshine on our backs (coupled with a few bouts of rain), we explored Mount Helena by way of the Daisy Hill, Bitterroot Way, and Prairie Trails and talked about leisure & loafing with philosopher David Nowakowski.
Access audio recordings & photos from the walk here!

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Philosophy Walk: Leisure & Loafing

Merlin MCC | Boots in Grass

Our society has a complicated relationship with leisure, idleness, and rest. On this walk, we’ll explore some of the differences between these things, the historical contexts that have helped to shape our values about work and leisure, and much more! Please join us for our free Philosophy Walk on Sunday, June 7th from 10am – 1pm. Learn more here!

*NOTE: In order to practice safe social distancing measures, we will limit our walk to 10 people max and require registration.*

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