Philosophy Workshop Series: “What is Philosophy?” (Responding to the World)

In this workshop we explored how philosophers (over the millennia, in various corners of the globe) have approached the problems of ethics, and what kinds of answers they’ve proposed. Access resources and reading recommendations here!

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A Healthy Side of Negative Emotions

Merlin | A Healthy Side of Negative Emotions | Photo Credit:

There is no doubt that positive emotions are worth cultivating. But must we be upbeat all of the time? Is there a healthy side of negative emotions and some value in experiencing them? Many philosophers (Schopenhauer comes to mind here) argue that embracing the full range of our emotions (including…

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The Value of Studying Philosophy

In an older (but not outdated) article in the Atlantic,  Hope Reese interviews Rebecca Newberger Goldstein — philosopher and author of Plato at the Googleplex — who discusses the value of studying philosophy and why it is critical to our lives.  From helping us increase our humanity to becoming responsible…

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