April 2018 Philosophy Drive-In

Our April Philosophy Drive-In was amazing!  A packed house…our  ecclectic group of philosophy & movie-lovers enjoyed a “night under the stars without the cars,” good snacks, great conversation, and a viewing of the intriguing autobiographical account of the life and work of Eric Kandel in In Search of Memory.  Some…

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Why a Walk in the Park is Good for Our Brains

Can walking in green, natural spaces (parks, outdoors, natural environments) improve your mental health?  Yes!  A growing body of research shows that being in nature does in fact lower stress levels, improve memory & enhance affect (mood).  But how exactly does it do this?  According to a recent study in…

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Why Walking Can Make You a Better Thinker

Merlin MCC | Why Walking Can Make You a Better Thinker

Ancient Greek philosophers believed there to be a deep, intuitive connection between walking and thinking (and writing).  Getting up and walking about (especially outdoors in nature) can make us better thinkers.  But is such a belief justified? In this pithy and insightful article, Feris Jabr (of the New Yorker) discusses…

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