Philosophy Walk: “Justice as Fairness: Exploring & Applying the Ideas of Rawls”

In this walk we’ll be exploring the the idea of justice through the lens of equity and fairness — two critical features of the late John Rawls’ theory of justice. While a summary of Rawls’ views, including the dynamics of his arguments and its implications will be discussed at the outset, the bulk of this walk will be spent exploring, working out, expanding upon, and applying Rawls’ views in a “hands-on” way to past and contemporary issues. Learn more and RSVP here!

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Philosophy Workshop: “Justice as Fairness: An Introduction to Rawls”

In this outdoor workshop we’ll be exploring the idea of justice as fairness — a position advanced by the late philosopher John Rawls.  The workshop will be introductory and will discuss justice through the lens of equity and fairness — two critical features of Rawls’ theory of justice — and the dynamics of Rawls’ arguments and their implications.  Competing perspectives and modern day comparisons on justice will also be explored, as will discussion about the intellectual climate within which Rawls’ contributions to philosophy arose. Learn more and RSVP for this workshop here!

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Reflective Equilibrium

reflective equilibrium

Have you ever wondered what it takes to think like a philosopher?  According to many, the capacity for reflective equilibrium is imperative.  According to Massimo Pigliucci, Professor of Philosophy at City College of New York, it is a fundamental tool in the philosopher’s toolbox.  But what exactly is reflective equilibrium…

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