Life Enrichment & Wellness Program (Touchmark)

Our unique Life Enrichment & Wellness Programs combine aspects of philosophy, mindfulness meditation, and more with the aim of inspiring critical, creative thought, imagination, humor, compassion, kindness, an improved sense of well-being, and community. Join us to learn about our upcoming eight-week class series promoting life enrichment & wellness through…

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The Power of Metaphor

Metaphor is a powerful tool.  Philosophers, poets, scientists, artists, authors, and thinkers across the ages have turned to metaphor to help clarify ideas, make connections, enlarge perspectives and scope, and cross intellectual & emotional terrains.  In this wonderful On Being interview conducted on December 22nd of 2016, Krista Tippett and…

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October 2016 Halloween-Themed Little Philosopher’s Walk (Imagination & Storytelling)

In addition to enjoying a stunning Fall day (thank you Mother Nature!), we had a blast exploring the terrain and talking about imagination & storytelling on our Halloween-Themed Philosophy Walk for Kids!  Thank you so much to the amazing group of kids (and adults) who participated in the meandering and…

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Empathy v. Sympathy

Merlin | Empathy v. Sympathy

On a recent ‘Little Philosopher’s Walk’, one of our fun ‘Merlin Meanderings’ that we held here at Merlin Nature Preserve, we discussed & explored the importance and value of imagination.  In the course of our conversation, the work of Dr. Brené Brown, Research Professor at the University of Houston Graduate…

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Why a Walk in the Park is Good for Our Brains

Can walking in green, natural spaces (parks, outdoors, natural environments) improve your mental health?  Yes!  A growing body of research shows that being in nature does in fact lower stress levels, improve memory & enhance affect (mood).  But how exactly does it do this?  According to a recent study in…

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Why Walking Can Make You a Better Thinker

Merlin MCC | Why Walking Can Make You a Better Thinker

Ancient Greek philosophers believed there to be a deep, intuitive connection between walking and thinking (and writing).  Getting up and walking about (especially outdoors in nature) can make us better thinkers.  But is such a belief justified? In this pithy and insightful article, Feris Jabr (of the New Yorker) discusses…

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The Power of Ideas

Merlin MCC | The Power of Ideas

Do ideas really matter?  If so, why and how?  Here is an insightful & awe-inspiring look from philosopher and filmmaker Jason Silva at some of the biological and cultural reasons behind the power of ideas…and why and how they have significance.  Buckle your seat-belts, kids…we promise you’re going to enjoy…

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Plato’s Allegory of the Cave (In Clay)

Allegory of the Cave

Bar none… of the best adaptations of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave you’ll ever find.  Creative, imaginative, thought-provoking,  and just plain fun (it’s in clay after all!)…hmm, dare we say “Clayto?”  Enjoy and become enlightened by this Plato & Socrates inspired gem of a short film from the Bullhead Entertainment…

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