Montana Conversations Philosophy Program at Bridges HCC: Navigating the Aging Process

We are delighted to be presenting a hand-tailored version of our Montana Conversations program “Philosophy:  What Is It Good For?” at Bridges Buffet! Interactive and dynamic, this program is geared for community members of all ages interested in learning more about how philosophy can help enrich our lives…and why it is good for “absolutely everything!” As part of this presentation, we will be looking at why philosophy is such a great companion and how it can help us navigate the aging process in ways that inspire enlightenment, relief, humor, growth, grace, empowerment, and deep satisfaction.

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Caregiving in the New Era

America is facing a new reality.  Americans are living longer than ever.  Soon, elders will outnumber the young.  What does this mean in terms of how we care for our loved ones (and ourselves)?  How we manage our finances & juggle work and personal obligations?  How we structure our healthcare,…

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Does Philosophy Have a Place in Slow Medicine?

Merlin MCC | Scholarly Articles | General

Does Philosophy Have a Place in Slow Medicine? Marisa Diaz-Waian, Authored & Presented at the 2014 American Philosophical Association (Eastern Division Conference), National Philosophical Counseling Association Meeting. ABSTRACT:  If one were to tour a museum showcasing images of how we (as a modern culture in the U.S.) tend to the…

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