Quality of Life, Happiness & Meaning

Merlin MCC | Boots in GrassQuestions about meaning, happiness & the good life have long been a focus of philosophy…and for good reason. Why?  How we answer queries like “what does it mean to be happy?”, “how do I live a meaningful life?” and “what does a good life entail?” inform the ways in which we structure, gear & conduct our lives.  From relationships to work to life planning & beyond, our ideas about meaning, happiness and the good life impact how we experience & participate in the world. Long to short: meaning, happiness & quality of life matter.  So…how do you find your way to meaningful living, happiness & the good life?

We believe that thinking led by reason (critical, creative thought) is an integral component of living a healthier, happier, and more meaningful (deeply satisfying) life.   Taking action is also crucial.   Philosopher practitioners can help you find your way.

How Philosophical Practitioners Can Help

Life brings with it numerous challenges (and opportunities), many of which can spark or impede our progress on the happiness & quality living path.  Perhaps you are:

  • Struggling with an ethical dilemma at home or work (e.g., I feel like what is being done is wrong & I don’t know what to do)
  • Searching for greater meaning in your life (e.g., something is missing…I love my life…but I want more from it and don’t know where to begin)
  • Feeling the pressures of multiple demands & not enough time (e.g., I’m feel like I’m letting everyone down because I can’t keep up)
  • Looking to improve and add value to your life & others’ (e.g., what can I do to serve & be there for the ones I love?)
  • Having difficulty “getting over” something (e.g., this thing is dragging me down & I know it…but I don’t know how to get past it)
  • Wanting to understand yourself & others better  (e.g., is my version of happiness the same as my partner’s?  Does happiness mean that sadness & struggle must be absent?)
  • Feeling like your “in a rut” (e.g., nothing I do seems to make a difference….I don’t what I’m doing wrong or how to fix it)
  • Seeking a more authentic & autonomous life (e.g., I feel lost and insignificant…I’m not even sure I know who I am, how to be my “own person”…and what this even means)
  • And more…

Whatever your concern, philosophical practitioners can help you “clear the way” for a healthier, happier, and more meaningful (deeply satisfying) state of being by exploring, examining, assessing & applying the skills, methods and dispositions of philosophy to your unique situation so that you can better understand how & why you feel a particular way, develop healthier ways of thinking (new patterns of reasoning and responding), more effectively navigate life’s challenges & enact positive change.  

Read more about what philosophy is and how it can help you here!

Please note that we do not offer philosophical counseling services but would be happy to connect you with some philosophical practitioner colleagues of ours who could be of service to you.

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