Our Philosophical Consulting Strategy

There a variety of reasons that philosophical consult may be sought.  What makes our service(s) & strategy unique is philosophy.  It informs our approach and methods & is woven into every phase of your customized plan.  What your plan looks like will depend on your specific needs & aims.  It will, however, always be led by philosophy.

Why philosophy?  Philosophy is a thinking activity, a way of life, & an extremely valuable tool.  We believe that its methods & attributes can help people think through their problems, overcome challenges, accomplish their personal & professional goals, and live healthier, happier & more meaningful (deeply satisfying) lives. 

Our unique strategy is designed to meet your unique goals.  What it is that you want to accomplish, need & is most important to you will dictate the direction of our services.

Strategy Snapshot

Philosophical consultants (ethical consultants) offer a unique & valuable perspective and can be of service in a multitude of ways.  Our services are a bit unique; we offer philosophical consulting as specific activities having to do with ethical matters.  Our strategy begins with two simple questions: what do you want to do & how can we help you succeed?  Clients will typically come to us with a good idea of what it is that they want to accomplish — e.g., I/we want to incorporate effective & easy to implement philosophy activities in the workplace, I want to get my book ready for review/publication, I want to present/discuss my research at a college or local venue, I want help with a research & writing project.  Others may have a general idea but need help narrowing their focus & implementing a viable course of action.  Large or small & whatever your aim, our goal is to help you succeed.  Our 5-step strategy involves:

  1. Identifying your needs (i.e., what do you want to accomplish? why are you seeking our services?)
  2. Discussing timelines & budget (i.e., when do you want to start?  is this a short-term or long-term project?)
  3. Creating a customized action plan (review & alter as needed)
  4. Outlining phases/steps of action plan & any sub-steps that might obtain (review & alter as needed)
  5. Completing all phases/steps of the project

For greater detail about our process and strategy, see our philosophical consulting methodology & approach.

What to Expect

We aim to represent your interests properly & exceed your expectations.  As such, clear & thorough communication every step of the way is a critical part of what we do.  You can expect our consulting services to be:

  • Detail-oriented
  • Thorough
  • Clear & Concise
  • Creative
  • Conscientious
  • Effective
  • Scholarly

Our Areas of Specialty

We offer business services & programs for organizations interested in incorporating philosophy in the workplace and academic editorial, academic lecture coordination, and academic research & writing services in the areas of psychology & philosophy, with an emphasis on leadership & action and topics related to death & dying, quality of life, happiness & meaning, loss, change & grief, elder interests & nature.  To learn more, visit our philosophical consulting page.


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