Women Philosophers: 6 Ancient Thinkers

Women have played a significant role in the development of philosophy. Although, by and large, their writings didn’t survive, their verbal teachings had a huge an impact on their contemporaries and can be heard in the works of thinkers today.
Recalling the wisdom of ancient women both expands our view of history and reminds us of the gendered elements of modern complex thought. 
In this article, six female thinkers are highlighted:
  • Aspasia of Miletus — Teacher, writer, and intellectual in Athens, Greece
  • Clea — Highly esteemed political and intellectual role in the ancient world
  • Thecla — Renowned as a Christian martyr and missionary and later venerated by the Church as a saint
  • Sosipatra — Respected teacher in the Neoplatonic tradition, interpreting difficult texts and mediating divine knowledge
  • Macrina the Younger — Known for her wide knowledge in philosophy, scripture and the physical sciences
  • Hypatia of Alexandria –Neoplatonic teacher admired for her mathematical and astronomical works

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